Monday, 14 October 2013

Review of Studio 2014 - translate faster and safer

The new version of Trados Studio was published last week on the SDL website. I was able to test Studio 2014 during a 4-month-long beta-test phase in which a lot of remarks from translators and project managers were taken in consideration.
Here is my personal review of the 2 main improvements that impressed me much in this new version.

In my opinion, the main work done on this new version was done to some algorithms that made Studio 2011 very slow in many use cases. Opening, saving and closing files could last a very long time as well as some file "preparation" including pre-translation and analysis.
In Studio 2014, file handling is definitively faster. In some extreme cases, by as much as 70% according to SDL.
Translators can also work quicker: in Studio 2014, it is now possible to open several files on the same tab. With this new function called "virtual merge", the files are displayed on a single tab of the editor, so you don't have to switch between editor and file view or between the file tabs in the editor. The files are displayed as in a merged file. The big advantage is that you will be able to perform a search and replace for all virtually merged files at once, if you detect a typo or a terminological inconsistency, which will let you gain a lot of time for these kinds of project whenever you receive a lot of small files to translate.

...and safer
One of the main expectations of Studio users was to have an autosave function as found in many other programs. Beside the speed improvement of Studio 2014, SDL could implement a proper autosave function with a default delay of 5 minutes between autosaves. The files are stored temporarily and if Studio crashes for one reason or another (which does not happen that much actually!), reopening the current file lets a window open asking if you want to retrieve the last autosaved version.
This is a real improvement. Even if the translation memory function stores all the confirmed segments directly, there have been a lot of scenarios I saw as a support technician, where the user asked me first if he could recover the file or had to start all over again.

SDL Trados Studio 2014 BadgeI think it is worth it to upgrade to Studio 2014 for these 2 main reasons. Just try it to see for yourself. You have a 30-day evaluation period.

For more information about the new features, take a look at the release notes.

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