Wednesday, 28 October 2015

"TM Update" batch task is back again: time to upgrade to Studio 2015

Here it is. The problem I wrote about in my last 2 posts has now been solved: Studio is able to update translation units properly as in the past, i.e. by overwriting used TUs instead of overwriting or duplicating them.

The new standard option is nothing other than the old pre Studio SP2 CU8 default option: if a segment has been translated with a certain translation unit (TU) from a given TM, the ID of the TU is saved in the sdlxliff file. If a correction is made offline to this segment, for example through the Export for bilingual review, the batch task knows which TU has to be corrected in the TM. Good to see it back.

So this is certainly the time to upgrade now. 2015 has one very important neat feature which may transform your correction process: the retrofit function. Translations which have been reviewed in their original layout have always been difficult for translators and translation providers. Most of the time, each correction had to be entered in the CAT tool manually which was very time-consuming. The new function should change this situation completely as it is now possible to enter the corrected document as input for this function and get the correction entered automatically with track changes at the right place in the sdlxliff.

This may sound like magic for those like me who never heard of such possibility. In the background, this is pretty simple and very clever: The corrected document is "prepared", i.e. segmented exactly as the original document was. The segments are then aligned with the segments of the original translation. The differences are imported in the sdlxliff and shown as track changes in the editor to allow the translator to check their validity. For more on the retrofit function, see Emma Goldsmith's blog here

2015 is also interesting from the point of view of translation evaluation: A translation quality assessment (TQA) module has been developed which allows translation providers to organize the evaluation of their translators. The new module is fully customizable and you can create your own metrics.

Other new features: AutoCorrect, customizable ribbon, new interface languages and a new word filter which helped us to complete projects as the old one in Studio 2014 was not able to clean up the files.

More information about 2015 can also be found on the SDL blog as well as information about the service release

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