Tuesday, 17 January 2017

SDL Trados Studio - the Manual - The new version 2017 is out

...I should have written this post for a long time: The SDL Trados Studio Manual is a real treasure full of tips and advices for translators using SDL Trados Studio.

You won't find a cold description of the different features of the CAT-tool: Mats Linder describes HOW he works as a translator, with the SDL Trados Studio and goes in many paragraphs beyond the limits of the programm itself, giving his own way to solve common translation difficulties with complementary tools: plugins from the SDL Appstore and softwares from everywhere over the internet which make translation work much easier and faster.

This manual "written for the translator by a translator" includes advices about:
- the configuration and the different aspects of the translation editor
- the addition of language resources like translation memories, termbases, autosuggest dictionaries
- the customization and optimal use of your keyboard
- methods to reach a better quality in your translation work
- and so much more

You will find all information about the manual on its dedicated website: http://tradosstudiomanual.com/
And here some sample pages of the last edition: sample 2015

And some of the new edition: sample 2017